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101 Tips for Managing Change
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If you're marketing 101 Tips for Managing Change, you'll be looking for strategies, tactics and resources to help you understand and reach buyers. This page provides some basics and some useful ideas.

This page helps ClickBank affiliates who are considering promoting our ebook, 101 Tips for Managing Change. It has resources and insights that might reduce the cost of devising a marketing program for this item, and describes the buyers in some detail.

The general reading audience for 101 Tips for Managing Change consists of people who participate in one or more of these activities:

  • Chartering or leading change
  • Planning change efforts
  • Implementing change programs designed by others
  • Working in organizations that have undertaken change
  • Conducting retrospectives on change efforts
  • Researching success or failure of change efforts

This tips book provides them with insights and tools they can use to enhance their chances of success, including:

  • Canned solutions don't work
  • Expect change to take longer than you expect
  • Define success criteria in advance
  • You can't get around Chaos
  • Space your changes to avoid collisions
  • Go no faster than senior management
  • Depressed productivity isn't "resistance"
  • Not everyone "gets it" on your schedule
  • Change how you change
  • People change if they see a chance for something better
  • Backtracking is normal
  • Influence by example and demonstration
  • … and many more

How to Reach the Buyers

Most buyers of 101 Tips for Managing Change are change implementors, because they outnumber other categories. They're charged with leading their organizations in a direction set by others, and unfortunately, at a pace set by others. Their problems arise from the constraints they face — people change along a path that they set, and that path usually conflicts with the organizational plan.

That's why Change implementors turn to the marketplace for answers. They want to know what they have to do make the magic happen — to make the people of their organization change fast enough to meet the plan. They probably won't find what they're looking for (it doesn't exist), but with 101 Tips for Managing Change they'll do a whole lot better than they were doing without it.

They sense this. They sense that there must be a better way. So they turn to the Web looking for books. Unfortunately, most books on Change are written in a conventional format. Extracting useful technique from them can be laborious.

But once they find 101 Tips for Managing Change, they can order it, download it and read it in 90 minutes. And they'll be rewarded with dozens of ideas for things they can do to accelerate progress — immediately. The trick is to find ways for them to find this item. We do that by putting links to it on the Web, lying on the click trails these people follow.

Here are some Web sites where our buyers might be looking for help. Some have ezines associated with them. Some accept ads or barter exchanges, some don't. But the ones that don't accept ads have lots of links to sites that do. For more on this topic, check my links collection.

If they're searching for resources on the Web, they're probably looking for some of these keywords and keyphrases:

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