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Bookmarking the Current Issue
Of Point Lookout

Here's an explanation of a method for creating a bookmark that will always take you to the current issue of Point Lookout

Regular readers of Point Lookout can read the current issue in HTML format by navigating to it from various places on this Web site. But there is a more convenient way. If you bookmark the URL below you'll always go directly to whichever issue of Point Lookout is current.


But creating that bookmark can be tricky. To help you, here are some some suggestions.

All browsers
Three steps. First, create a bookmark to a page on this site. Name it "Current Point Lookout". Then use your customary method to place the newly created bookmark where you want it. Finally, change the URL of that bookmark to the URL above.
Firefox users can choose between two methods.
Method 1 Click "Organize Bookmarks…" and then create the bookmark using commands in the bookmark organizer window. Use http://www.ChacoCanyon.com/current-point-lookout.php as the URL.
Method 2 First, use this link to create the bookmark. You'll be asked where you want the bookmark to appear; for example, in Bookmarks, or in the Personal Bookmark Toolbar, and so on. But whichever you choose, by default, clicking the bookmark later will result in the page being loaded into the sidebar. If that's what you want, you're done, but I'm guessing it's not what most people want. To fix this, you have to open the bookmarks organizing window by selecting the menu command "Organize Bookmarks…". Then find the bookmark you just created, and edit its properties. In the Properties dropdown window, uncheck the checkbox "Load this bookmark in the sidebar". Click OK and you're done.
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Ebooks, booklets and tip books on project management, conflict, writing email, effective meetings and more.