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Spreadsheet Models for Managers

Session 6
Summary of Pages

What use are graphics?

Graphics — both as representations of numerical data, and as elements of screen and page display — offer two advantages. They enhance communications, and they develop intuition.

Communications consist not only of presentation to others, but also presentation to yourself, the model developer. Graphics on the worksheet can make it easier to understand what you’re seeing, and to remember where things are. Appropriate use of color, type style, font, shading, and so on, make your projects easier to use, easier to understand, and easier to maintain. And when the time comes to present your numerical results, an effective graph or chart is vastly superior to a table of numbers.

Reminder: on this date, at , your Project Proposal is due.

Below is a summary of pages for Session 6.

  1. Review of Last Time
  2. What is graphics?
  3. Why use graphics?
  4. Graphics on the worksheet
  5. Graphical representations: the big picture
  6. Terminology
  7. Styles of representation in charts
  8. When to use what chart style
  9. Effective charting
  10. Design tips
  11. Design tips continued (2)
  12. Design tips continued (3)
  13. Design tips continued (4)
  14. Basic steps for building a chart
  15. Advanced chart techniques
  16. The main points
  17. Reference readings
  18. Preview of Next Time

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About Charts

The purpose of charts is visual communication. Sadly, many charts that contain important information don’t communicate that information very well. Communicating visually in an effective manner is probably an art, but it’s an art we can learn.

One way to learn is by bad examples — actually studying examples of bad technique. Fortunately, bad examples are easy to find. Finding good examples is more difficult, but there are several excellent references in the class notes. Enjoy!