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Managing Global and Distributed Teams: Training Pack

Managing Global and Distributed Teams: Training Pack

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A PowerPoint Slide Set, a script, and a tips book for organizations that want to get better at managing global and distributed teams.


Global teams are now officially the way of things. Everything about such projects or operations is more This item is available in downloadable format only. Since it isn't shipped, be sure before you order that your shipping charges are 0.difficult than face-to-face teams, including figuring out how to declare victory when failure is what actually happened…

This Training Pack includes a complete slide presentation and an accompanying script. It's ideal for organizations that want to deploy an internal training session rapidly and economically, using internal resources.

What's a global team? You'll find various definitions if you surf around a bit, but the main features of a global team are what make them so difficult to manage — the people are dispersed geographically, they meet infrequently or never, and they come from different cultures. The key to success for a global team is building a sense of team despite the obstacles of separation.

Is your organization a participant in one or more global teams? Are you the owner/sponsor of a global team? Are you managing a global team? Is everything going well, or at least as well as any project goes? Probably not. And the troubles people encounter are traceable to the obstacles global teams face when building working professional relationships from afar.

This is a package that helps you train your staff, to raise the general level of skills in sponsoring, leading, and working as part of a global or distributed team. It includes:

  • A copy of 303 Tips for Virtual and Global Teams, packed with tips for making your organization more sophisticated and effective in fielding global and distributed teams
  • A PowerPoint® slide set that you can use to conduct training sessions in-house
  • A script for the slide set to guide you as you develop what you'll say during the presentation

Participants learn:

  • How to build trust in a multicultural team where what defines "trustworthy" differs from person to person
  • How to run a telephone meeting effectively when a third of the attendees speak the language so poorly that it's difficult to understand what they mean, but since they all do it the same way, they understand each other perfectly
  • How to minimize errors when critical documents are translated from one language to another by people who know how to translate, but who don't know even the basics of the subject matter
  • How to divide the work so as to minimize turf battles and battles over budget
  • How to minimize resentments when only some members of the team are selected to attend the worldwide recognition banquet

The presentation covers:

  • Understanding the nature of global and dispersed teams
  • Building and maintaining a high level of trust
  • Planning your communications
  • Dealing with dispersion
  • Taking account of socio-cultural differences
  • Taking account of language differences
  • Allocating the work with dispersion in mind
  • Using voicemail and email effectively
  • Being effective on the telephone
  • Making your face-to-face meetings count
  • Celebrating achievements
  • Leading telemeetings powerfully
  • Participating in telemeetings effectively

And it's all packaged in a single downloadable Zip file.

Details and additional information

Managing Global and Distributed Teams: Training Pack is in Acrobat format, which gives you several advantages. You can print it, and read it like any book. Or in electronic form, you can use the search capability of Adobe Reader to find passages of special interest to you. If you load it onto your laptop, tablet, or other mobile device, you can read it anywhere — and it's weightless, too.

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