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A Tip a Day

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A Tip A Day is a daily insight, a tip, or a reminder — and the occasional deep thought — about the modern workplace, to help you untangle the knots we all helped tie.


ATip A Day is a daily message that brings you an insight, a tip, or a reminder — and the occasional deep thought — to help you with the interpersonal issues of work life. Included is a link to a Web page at this Web site with more information about the tip of the day.

A Tip a Day is a free service, but to keep it free, I depend on donations. This item is a donation of , which is support of A Tip a Day for one year. That works out to a teeny bit over USD 0.038 per day.

When the trials and troubles of workaday life are too much to take, some of us look around for something to read to help us get over the speed bumps. Trouble is, reading usually takes too much time and effort.

A Tip A Day comes to you every day, Monday through Friday, by email, by Twitter, or by RSS feed. It's posted in email and RSS between 4 AM and 8 AM New York time, and on Twitter at 10 AM. It's 20 to 30 words at most, and in those words it gives you a new perspective on the hassles of work life. Here are three sample editions of //www.ChacoCanyon.comTm:

To be successful politically, we must learn to see things as they are. And we can begin by realizing that workplace politics is not a game. More

The cheapest way to run a project is with enough resources. More

A favorite game at meetings: Serial Status Report. We each report that everything we're responsible for is on track. More

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