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303 Tips for Virtual and Global Teams
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If you're marketing 303 Tips for Virtual and Global Teams, you'll be looking for strategies, tactics and resources to help you understand and reach buyers. This page provides some basics and some useful ideas.

This page helps ClickBank affiliates who are considering promoting our ebook, 303 Tips for Virtual and Global Teams. It has resources and insights that might reduce the cost of devising a marketing program for this item, and describes the buyers in some detail.

The general reading audience for 303 Tips for Virtual and Global Teams consists of people who participate in one or more of these activities:

  • Charter, manage, lead or participate in dispersed or global teams
  • Lead organizations that use dispersed or global teams to do some of their work
  • Want to make their dispersed or global teams more effective
  • Know that managing dispersed or global teams is difficult, and want to get better at it
  • Want to know what to do to rescue a dispersed or global project that's in trouble

Buyers of this tips book are usually very busy, and they travel more than most. Their teams aren't doing as well as they once thought they would, due to unexpected difficulties that are traceable to the dispersed or global features the work they do. Buyers want to know not only how to deal with these troubles, but also how to anticipate the problems that they haven't yet recognized. They're desperate, because they know that their risk margins for the effort underway are getting pretty thin.

The first place they turn for help is the Web (meaning Google). If you know how to get Google to put your sales page in front of these buyers, you'll make a sale. Why? Because this item is available instantly, and because it's a quick read with an extremely high ratio of new ideas to word count.

How to Reach the Buyers

If the buyers are searching for resources on the Web, they're probably looking for some of these keywords and keyphrases:

  • tech team global
  • global team
  • one team global
  • assessment global team tool
  • global net team
  • virtual team
  • team virtual
  • managing team virtual
  • mission statement team virtual
  • management project team virtual
  • challenge of managing virtual team
  • activity building team virtual
  • activity building free team team virtual
  • office team virtual
  • rule team virtual
  • building team virtual
  • between difference face to face team virtual
  • challenge managing remote team virtual
  • communication team virtual
  • managing program team training virtual
  • meeting team virtual
  • virtual vs face to face team
  • challenge managing team virtual
  • management team virtual
  • managing program team training virtual
  • managing virtual team
  • challenge of managing a virtual remote team

Comarketing and
Marketing Synergy Opportunities

404 Tips for Business TravelWe do have another tips book that's attractive to readers of 303 Tips for Virtual and Global Teams. It's 404 Tips for Business Travel, which helps business travelers avoid hassles and function more effectively while traveling. Both tips books are in the same format, and together, they're an appealing package.

If you're already marketing some products, you might find that the people you're already looking for are the same people who would be interested in 303 Tips for Virtual and Global Teams. Here are some products that buyers of this item might also be interested in acquiring:

  • Disk synchronization software
  • International calling cards
  • Wi-Fi Internet service subscriptions or renewals
  • PDA service subscriptions or renewals
  • Travel alarm clocks
  • Electric power adapters
  • Multiple time-zone watches
  • Keychain flashlights
  • Travel guides
  • Battery chargers and batteries
  • Travel-sized appliances
  • Travel sizes of over-the-counter pharmacy products
  • Video conferencing gear and software
  • Books and tips about presentations


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