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October is Workplace Politics Awareness Month!

Workplace Politics Awareness Month KitThis October plan something to help the people you work with come to peace with workplace politics. You'll do more in October to reduce toxic politics and raise productivity than all the downsizing, reorgs, acquisitions, spinoffs, and what-not have done in the past decade. The Workplace Politics Awareness Month Kit includes:

  • A 16-slide PowerPoint presentation that you can use to kick off a discussion of workplace politics in your organization.
  • A pamphlet, "Ten Things to Do for Workplace Politics Awareness Month," which gives you ten great ideas to help organizations take action about destructive workplace politics.
  • A copy of my tips booklet 303 Secrets of Workplace Politics.

Regularly USD 39.95, but available through October 31 for only USD 29.95, a savings of USD 10.00. More · How to Order

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