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I work with people in problem-solving organizations who make complex products or sophisticated services that need state-of-the-art teamwork, and with organizations that want to achieve high performance by building stronger relationships among their people.

Dynamic problem-solving organizations face special problems. In producing products and services for their customers, we must make technology work in new ways, before any of our competitors do. A "dynamic problem-solving organization" produces first-of-a-kind commercial products and services based on technical mastery and state-of-the-art teamwork.

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I'm Rick Brenner, principal of Chaco Canyon Consulting. I understand what life is like in problem-solving organizations that depend on teamwork for success. I know what it takes to be successful in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment, and still hang on to your humanity, your integrity, and your sense of humor.

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Ice on Challenger's launch pad hours before the launchPoint Lookout for April 16:Design Errors and Groupthink
Design errors cause losses, lost opportunities, accidents, and injuries. Not all design errors are one-offs, because their causes can be fundamental. Here's a first installment of an exploration of some fundamental causes of design errors.
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  • "Rick is a dynamic presenter who thinks on his feet to keep the material relevant to the group."
    — Tina L. Lawson, Technical Project Manager, BankOne.
  • "Rick truly has his finger on the pulse of teams and their communication."
    — Mark Middleton, Team Lead, SERS
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