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Volume 18, Issue 17;   April 25, 2018: Narcissistic Behavior at Work: VI

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Are Your Virtual Meetings as Enjoyable as Everyone Else's?

Leading Virtual Meetings for Real ResultsVirtual teams are now officially the way of things. Through email, text, telephone, Web conference, and if we're lucky, videoconference, we work with people we haven't yet met face-to-face, and perhaps we never will. We work across time zones, national boundaries, cultural chasms, and language barriers. It's frustrating — even maddening at times. And through all of it, we have meetings. Virtual teams must have virtual meetings.

Leading virtual meetings can be a nightmare squared. People no-show, the wrong people attend, connections break, dogs bark, misunderstandings flourish, and confusion can settle in for a good long stay. Would you like to get better at leading virtual meetings?

If you would, this book is for you.

Everything about virtual meetings is more difficult than face-to-face meetings. They're more difficult to schedule, more difficult to run, and they take longer to do even the simplest things. Things conspire to make what's usually easy, difficult — and what's usually difficult, impossible.

Available at iTunesThis item is also available as an ebook at Apple's iTunes Store. Since all my ebooks are available in Acrobat (PDF) format, you've always been able to read them on ebook readers, such as iPad, iPhone, Nook, or Kindle. But the iTunes version makes use of the special capabilities of modern ebook readers. Check it out!

Leading Virtual Meetings for Real Results is filled with the insights you need to make sense of it all. It helps you avoid the traps and pitfalls that await you, and it guides you into new choices that can make your virtual meetings more productive — and maybe as enjoyable as everyone else's. (46,000 words; More · How to Order)

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